White papers insights from leaders in (big) data, marketing automation, email marketing and social

Each white paper from RealTime Lead Group experts brings you today’s best practices in digital marketing, from (big) data, marketing automation, email marketing, and multichannel marketing tactics to lead management, campaign automation and lead-nurturing tips. It’s must-read info for digital marketers who want to connect deeply with customers and prospects using the latest in digital marketing.

Social white papers

 The power of Like2 click here.
Display Facebook undervalued and search overrated in current ad spending models click here.
How to create LinkedIn ads that generate results for your business click here.

Marketing automation white papers

Best practices for marketing excellence and operational efficiency click here.
Leadfeeder and Google Analytics for B2B Lead Generation click here.
Double opt-in and clean mailing lists (Dutch) click here.
How to improve your e-mail open rate click here.

E-mailing white papers

7 tips for e-mail nurture marketing click here.
Anti SPAM regulations per country click here.
E-mailing white papers will be available soon click here.

Big Data

Fulfilling the promise of master data management with customer intelligencemanagement click here.
Improving Data Preparation for Business Analytics click here.
Big Data starts with organizing (Dutch) click here.
B2B is dead_B4B is born click here.
Wat Coolblue deed kun jij ook (Dutch) click here.
Big data ai and the uncertain future for accountants click here.
Critical capabilities for data quality tools click here.

Data Security

Mannen slopen vrouwelijke hackers bouwen (Dutch) click here.
  click here.
  click here.

Web-tracking white papers

5 steps to self-service analytics that scales click here.
4 Top SEO Tools For Website Visibility click here.
Web-tracking white papers will be available soon click here.

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