South America

Our international company database contains 10.808.828 companies in 11 countries in South America. At a very specific level, we can give you the desired information both for B2B and B2C targeted companies so that you will find the best leads and prospects for your organization.
Via our detailed classification standard, based on the NACE table, and directly linked to other international classification standards, your can easily find your specific target group. 

We provide the necessary, specific (contact) information of international companies in 11 countries in South America based on your wishes, give you a list of qualified prospects or partners, analyze your competition or give you a report on what’s happening around the world in your market right now. You can use the information and findings to improve your own strategy.


Country Companies  Contact persons Telephone numbers
Region: South America      10808828 35020603 10268387
Argentina  219056 709741 208103
Brazil  7653483 24797285 7270809
Chile  86112 279003 81806
Colombia  1549978 5021929 1472479
Peru  1275134 4131434 1211377
Venezuela  2779 9004 2640
Ecuador  2202 7134 2092
French Guiana  17689 57312 16805
Paraguay  716 2320 680
Suriname  165 535 157
Uruguay  1514 4905 1438


Statistics about South America
Population 385,742,554 
Pop. density 21.4/km2 
Countries 13 
Languages PortugueseSpanish, and many others
Time zones UTC-2 to UTC-5
Largest cities São Paulo
Buenos Aires
Rio de Janeiro
Belo Horizonte

The statistics on this page are updated quarterly.



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