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One solution for your entire team

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, marketer or sales rep, we’ve got the right tools for you to create beautifully responsive email campaigns that land in the inbox.

Accelerate with A/B testing

Never guess again, always email right. Run an A/B test, or for advanced senders, go beyond the traditional constraints and multivariate test with our A/B testing tool. Guessing can be costly – use our A/B testing tool to test up to variations and build your next send off with tried and true results.

Email with confidence

Simplify your testing by having RealTime Lead Group e-mail services send several versions of your email campaign to a smaller randomized portion of your email list, and then blast the winning version to the rest of the contacts. You sit in the cockpit, steering your test by defining winning criteria (metrics such as opens and clicks) and adjusting the duration. 

E-mail benchmarks tell a story

Grouping your email campaigns together tells the larger story of your mileage as a sender. You’ll see larger trends take shape and help to drive the strategy of your future sends. With RealTime Lead Group e-mailing services, you can easily identify which contact lists drive higher open rates, which call-to-actions drive higher click rates and build a story of who your customers are and how they engage.

Define your own segments

Add and create as many segments as you see fit. The more information you add, the greater the opportunity to create custom content. If you’re just starting out, try collecting and uploading basic customer information such as first name, gender and past purchases. Using these segments, you’ll be able to scale personalized communication simply and efficiently. Data segmentation ensures each individual customer receives the best content made just for them.


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