North and Central America

Our international company database contains 20.321.839 companies in 30 countries in North and Central America. At a very specific level, we can give you the desired information both for B2B and B2C targeted companies so that you will find the best leads and prospects for your organization. Via our detailed classification standard, based on the NACE table, and directly linked to other international classification standards, your can easily find your specific target group. 

We provide the necessary, specific (contact) information of international companies in 30 countries in North and Central America based on your wishes, give you a list of qualified prospects or partners, analyze your competition or give you a report on what’s happening around the world in your market right now. You can use the information and findings to improve your own strategy.


CountryCompaniesContact personsTelephone numbers
Region: North And Central America  203218396584275819305747
Anguilla 136441129
Antigua + Barbuda 10433799
Aruba 195632185
Bahamas 7852543746
Barbados 3851247366
Belize 6452090613
Bermuda 150448731429
Canada 161583052352891535039
Cayman Islands 270187512566
Costa Rica 169855021613
Dominica 7524371
Dominican Republic 259183952461
El Salvador 8722825828
Grenada 7424070
Guadeloupe 5932319220756357
Guatemala 131642641250
Haiti 3161024300
Honduras 6882229654
Jamaica 5831889554
Martinique 4795315536845555
Mexico 3165291025554300703
Montserrat 8268
Netherlands Antilles 7792524740
Nicaragua 4391422417
Panama 307099472917
St Kitts-Nevis 202654192
St Lucia 6822065
St Vincent 128415122
Turks & Caicos Is 10433799
U.S.A. 182628745917171217349730


Statistics about North and Central America
Pop. density22.9/km2
LanguagesEnglishSpanishFrench, and many others
Time zonesUTC-10 to UTC
Largest citiesMexico City
New York City
Los Angeles
Ecatepec de Morelos

The statistics on this page are updated quarterly.



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