Middle East

Our international company database contains 760.533 companies in 16 countries in the Middle East. At a very specific level, we can give you the desired information both for B2B and B2C targeted companies so that you will find the best leads and prospects for your organization.
Via our detailed classification standard, based on the NACE table, and directly linked to other international classification standards, you can easily find your specific target group. 

We provide the necessary, specific (contact) information of international companies in 16 countries in the Middle East based on your wishes, give you a list of qualified prospects or partners, analyze your competition or give you a report on what’s happening around the world in your market right now. You can use the information and findings to improve your own strategy.


CountryCompaniesContact personsTelephone numbers
Region: Middle East      7605332464127722506
Turkey 4549631474080432215
Oman 133143121264
Bahrain 6292038598
Egypt 8649280238217
Georgia 183459421742
Iran 261048457724799
Iraq 184759841755
Israel 200975651159190926
Jordan 161352261532
Kuwait 254482432417
Lebanon 3309710723431442
Qatar 5566180345288
Saudi Arabia 4768154484530
Syria 5241698498
United Arab Emirates 160895212815285
Yemen 4431435421


 Statistics about the Middle East
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