Lead database connected to your CRM application

Target group immediately available in your own CRM?

Sales and marketing professionals like to work wiht their own CRM application. RealTime Lead Group offers a solution to add your target group include company and contact data seamlessly into your CRM system. You can target specific regions, industries, and turnover range, even filtering by headquarters or branch locations. You can also select contacts by title, function and seniority. 

CRM providers we can support

Basically we support all kinds of CRM systems. The only functionality your application need is an upload function, that’s all. Based on kind of subscription, data will be updated frequently and automatically.

For our customers we create connections to Saleforce, Exact, Microsoft Dynamics, ZoHo, Pipedrive, Freshdesk, Nutshell and ProsperWorks. 


Microsoft Dynamics



Up-to-date data always available

Clean your existing data automatically

With RealTime Lead Group Data-Clean, account, lead, and contact records are automatically matched against our trusted sources. You have the possibility to update individual records, as well as run and schedule ongoing Clean jobs across your database.

Fill in the gaps with trusted data

Blank or missing fields can also be automatically filled in for dramatically higher quality, more usable records and better leads. Leads can get crucial company details added in real-time for better routing, scoring and faster follow-up. Boost your conversion rates by reducing form fields and using RealTime Lead Group Data-Clean to automatically append lead data at your CRM application.


 Prospecting your target group

Prospect right inside your CRM application

By connecting the market covert databases of RealTime Lead Group the sales team get the best solution to select and contact your target group. All data elements you need to optimize your prospecting process can  be added seamlessly into your CRM. You can target specific regions, industries, and types of accounts, even filtering by headquarters or branch locations. You can also filter contacts by title, function and seniority.

Grow pipeline fast with smarter sales reps

RealTime Lead Group quickly connects you with the right people in the right places to grow pipeline, right in your CRM application. And to grow pipeline, you not only need to find the right connections, but you need the right information that will engage them. Users get instant access to relevant topics and content to have successful sales calls. They get complete intelligence on their accounts including company details, industry trends, competitive landscape.




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