B2B Webanalytics

Analyse your visitors
Your website is an important sales channel and you need to invest in it constantly. Do you know whether these efforts get you enough ROI? Are all the opportunities used to get leads from your website and do you know exactly who your website visitors are?

Who are your visitors?

By combining our international database with our advanced analytics application, we can identify the companies who visit your website and bring you into contact with them! We have created a product that will guarantee optimum conversion for all your visitors!

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Detailed analytics in realtime

B2B WebAnalytics offers access to your own personal space where you can see which companies visited your website, the pages they visited and how much time they spent there. You can download the statistics that give you insight in all the activities on your website. You can even see which visitors are on your website at that specific moment!

Sort the results

Before you download the results list, you can filter your results by company name, the date and the amount of time they spent on your profile page.  You can enter a keyword or tag to find out what particular keyword(s) the visitors of your company profile used. Each search gives your insight in:


vinkje  Names of the companies that visited your company profile

vinkje  Place of residence of these companies

vinkje  The website they visited before they landed on your website

vinkje  Keywords they used to find your company profile

vinkje  Keywords you entered yourself


The list of keywords shows you which keywords visitors used before they landed on the website. By clicking on one of the keywords you will find the names of the companies that visited your website.

Detailed reporting

You will receive a detailed statistic report of all the companies that visited your website. You can export this data into an Excel file and sort the data on your computer. The report contains detailed information of all the users that visited your website. The sorted data can be added to your CRM system, than you can instruct your sales team on the next move!

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