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Factlist of the GetTheLead.com database:

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Number of companies: 31.935.851


Number of executives: 17.254.237

email addresses

Number of e-mail addresses: 4.600.523


Number of websites: 5.532.214

Turnover identification: 10.124.341


Number of companies who have an international focus: 475.214

social media

Number of companies who have social media: 775.124

Company contact information


General information
Company name, address, zip code, city, continent, phone number, fax, e-mail address and website
Detailed company information
VAT number, registration number, turnover, range of employees, founding year and company activity by classification
Contact persons with names, gender and function
Company activity & other information
Specified company activity and specific products
Brand and Trade names
Turnover range

Multiple Classifications
If using our RTL-G classification does not match your needs, we also provide classifications from several countries that you can utilize.
Over 60 Search Criteria
When you need to find what companys are having certian certifications or how many employees are available, our GTL tool allows you to search on these and 60 other criteria.
Based on your search criteria, the companies that match the search apear in the result list.

Global Database
Our database contains company information from all over the world and it is organized for you to take advantage of the global economy.
Saved Searches
Creating the perfect search is time consuming and now you can save your searches without having to download data.
Company Profiles
Identify if the companies in your preview are actually what you are looking for.

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