Database Marketing

The core of the RealTime Lead Group is our international business database. Through years of experience in business data and partnerships, with multiple data sources, RealTime Lead Group can give you detailed company information from over 250 million companies in 100 countries. 

The RealTime Lead Group can give you the desired information both for B2B and B2C targeted companies at a very specific level. With this information you will find the best leads and prospects for your organization. Via our detailed classification structure, based on the NACE table, and directly linked to other international classification standards, your can easily find your specific target group.

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Factlist global database:

For more specific information about our continents and countries, go in the menu structure to the continent and country you want. 


Number of companies: 285.012.474


Number of executives: 228.417.124

email addresses

Number of e-mail addresses: 12.609.595


Number of websites:14.218.621

Turnover identification: 46.028.841


Number of companies who have an international focus: 8.475.214

social media

Over 2.2 million companies insight a company structure


Number of companies who have social media: 775.124

Database quality

Reliable and up to date information is vital to generate high-quality leads, the basis for effective communication with potential customers. The RTL-Group provides you with detailed information of industrial and commercial companies around the world. Prior to your marketing activities, the RTL-Group specialists can perform market research to enhance effective communication with your target groups. 

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Insight into the corporate structure of your prospects

Understanding the structure of business relationships or potential relationships.

In order to make a correct estimate to cover the opportunities within the entire group and possible risks, it makes sense to have insight into the whole picture of the company.

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 E-mail addresses and applications

Via our application you can select over 4.6 million generic e-mail addresses. These addresses are basically In combination whit an executive function you can reach your target group. The big plus is that these addresses have a low price. A minus is that your campaign will be less effective by reaching your target group and push your conversion.


Company Addresses

Through our global network of multiple data sources on which data can be delivered on a very specific level, the RTL-Group always gives you the desired information both for B2B and B2C. Through our own international B2B database and partnerships with multiple (specialized) data sources around the world we can help you find the information you need both for B2B and B2C. If you have very specific search requirements, or if you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for in the large world of business data, our data specialists can help you find what you want.



Financial information

Risk and financial specials use our financial reporting systems. Today finance plays a larger role than ever in the growth and success of the business, which means you need access to the right information anytime and anywhere.

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