Marketing Automation

Within three years, the whole B2B industry will use Marketing Automation. This is the fastest growing software on the market. And it is also your future if you want to improve your sales and marketing process. Respond on time, otherwise your competitors in the market will! Interested?

Why Marketing Automation?

                                          1. Get specific information about your leads                                                                   

You know in real time, exactly what activities your lead has done on the website

2. Speed up your sale with automated emails
E-mails are sent automatically based on website behavior of the lead.

3. Measure the ROI of all marketing activities 
Measure and know exactly what activities bring you the most revenue.

1. Get specific information about your leads

Measure exactly what your leads do on your website. This way you know exactly when your lead is ‘sales ready’. With the marketing automation software you know which pages your leads visited and for how long. This all on an individual level. U can also see which emails are opened by a person and which links are clicked. 

Another advantage for the sales people: you already know about the interests and needs of your lead. You receive a daily overview about your leads. 

2. Speed up your sale with automated e-mails

Automatically segment your audience. You don’t have to worry about the quality of your database anymore. With marketing automation you end up with the right list, for sure. This list is based on their behaviour on the website and / or e-mails. Everyone receives the right message that fits their needs. 

E-mail marketing has never been so easy. With marketing automation u can automate your e-mails and make sure your leads receive the right message at the right time. This way you can make your content very personal. Has anyone visited pages on specific products? Send an automatic email with articles about this product. Your lead will be persuaded in the right way to purchase your product.   

3. Measure the ROI of all marketing activities

With marketing automation you will be much more focused to monitor your marketing investments. U will know exactly the proceeds of your marketing efforts. The system calculates and distributes the revenues of the different channels that contributed to a new customer (channels like advertising, social media, e-mails, newsletters).

This way you can make the right decisions at all time.




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