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Advanced Google Analytics click here.
 Introduction to PPC with Google AdWords and Bing Ads click here.
 Advanced Google Analytics click here.
 Google AdWords Essential Training click here.
 Goodbye click here.

Marketing automation

 Reaching consumers with email & marketing automation click here.
 Invest in marketing automation click here.
 Start automating your email campaigns click here.
 Automate social media and email marketing click here.


 Customize the experience click here.
 Develop a database click here.
 Find e-mail campaign inspiration on the web click here.
 Sharing posts by email click here.
 Email marketing to accelerate leads to customers click here.
 Test and optimize your campaigns click here.

Big Data

 Advanced NoSQL for Data Science click here.
 Clean data and identify big spenders in custom segments click here.
 Leverage dashboards and big data click here.
 Network forensics click here.
 Other strategies for improving model fit click here.
 Why conduct bivariate tests? click here.

Data Security

 Understanding data security click here.
 Data security roles click here.
 Cloud storage security click here.
 Managing vendor relationships click here.
 Choosing security settings for importing data click here.


 HTML5: Geolocation click here.
 HTML5: Local Storage and Offline Applications click here.
 Tools for tracking time, bugs, and issues click here.
 Marketing Tips Weekly click here.
 AdWords and Analytics: Remarketing click here.
 Angular 2 Testing and Debugging click here.

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