In many cases is standardized data is a good solution to get in contact to the target group. A user friendly web application to select in a view minutes the right target group, nationally or abroad. The application is specially developed for marketing and sales professionals. Select your target group in a couple of clicks end export the target list as Excel or CSV file. An easy, user friendly and quick application to get your target group for the best price. At the link below you find an overview of some cases.


Logistics company


For many logistics companies is a useful application to find new prospects and customers. Forwarders using a specific selection criteria ‘Import/Export’ to define their target group. By selecting multiple countries or regions, in combination with the import/export and the specialization of the logistic service provider, feel. bulk transport or air transport, select and saves their target group at the application. After fine tuning of the Excel list the sales department start contacting the prospects by phone or e-mail.

Machinery trading company


Trading companies are on daily base looking for prospects who are interesting in there (heavy) equipment. Via multiple classification trees, Nace, Sic and over 5 local trees, it’s easy to find the correct target group. Trading of equipment is a quick and volatile process. Traders are not restricted to borders, so to find a target group in multiple countries must be done is one click. is for these users the best solution! On daily base RealTime Lead Group get success stories of our trading customers about successfully closed deals all over the world.  

Government and non-profit organizations

Also government and non-profit organizations in multiple countries using on daily base For what do they use it? To help organizations to find partners abroad. Export related organization, trading missions and matchmaking all over the world. is a part of their program to select interesting companies all over the world for their own local market. The goal of government organizations like Chambers of Commerce, Embassies, or departments of Economic Affairs is to help companies to export or import products or services of the local companies. Many of these government organizations all over the world using as a source to find the right connection abroad.

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