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Online Database

Our international database platform for finding and exporting your leads. Get The Lead enables you to easily search for companies using our international business database. Access business information on over 50 million B2B and B2C companies in 100 countries, divided into approximately 4000 unique company activities via our internationally based classification structure. With the available company data you can easily find new leads within your target group, search for specific suppliers and download marketing lists.


B2B WebAnalytics gives insight in the important statistics of your premium company profiles and your own website such as number of visitors, popular pages, number of times your company data has been downloaded etc. But more importantly, B2B WebAnalytics identifies the specific companies that have visited your Premium Company Profile and your own website; information that is crucial for converting visitors into measurable results!

B2B Directories Germany & International

Online visibility for your company is becoming increasingly important and you have to keep investing in it by attracting visitors through campaigns, search engine optimization and social media. But do you know whether these investments yield enough? And are you using all opportunities to generate online leads?

For our dedicated ABC users, we have developed My ABC to easily access new statistics and Analytics tools, specifically to generate new leads through your ABC company profile and your own website.



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