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Our service can be used by:


Sales and account managers
Sales professionals who are responsible for (new) business. It doesn’t matter if the target group is located at the home country or at the other side of the world, we offer a sales solution! For every sales team we offer a proper solution based on the company’s needs and budgets.

marketingMarketing managers
Professionals who are responsible for market resources and support their sales team. Our databases reaches states, countries and world regions to get the best results of your market resources. Support tools, like custom made databases, social advertising and marketing automation are solutions to support marketing professionals. 

marketingOnline marketers
Online marketers who use our online marketing solutions and international databases, with multiple data sources to find the best leads and prospects for their business. Our solutions and databases will give the best results for  every company.


E-mail marketers
E-mail marketers who use our mailing list solutions. B2B E-mail Marketing has the solution to fit your e-mail marketing needs. Upload your own html-template, create your email from scratch or use one of our standard templates to create your campaign. 


Financial managers
Risk and financial specialists who use our financial reporting systems. Today finance plays a larger role than ever in the growth and success of the business, which means you need access to the right information anytime and anywhere. Companies with a strong financial drive.


Purchase managers
Purchasing professionals who are searching on daily bases to new vendors or global partners. If you’re looking for raw materials or expanding your production capacity, via our database solutions you find the right solution.


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