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Database projects

In many cases standardized data is not the best solution to get in direct contact with the target group.This means that Big Data, unstructured data has to connect to a structured or standardized database. RealTime Lead Group successfully finalized custom database projects on a daily base. Customizing your data is big plus to get better and high quality conversions. At the link below you find an overview of some cases.

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GetTheLead.com projects

For many customers is GetTheLead.com a real good solution to find their target groups local, on country level or worldwide. The application is easy and user-friendly, available in multiple languages and provides a mix of country based classification standards and global classification standards like SIC and NACE. A great figure is that the user can search and select content/data about the website content of the companies who are included in GetTheLead.com. Click at the link below and find out some of our success stories.

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Marketing automation projects

Measure exactly what your leads do on your website. This way you know exactly when your lead is ‘sales ready’. With the marketing automation software you know which pages your leads visited and for how long. This is all on an individual level. You can also see which e-mails are opened by a person and which links are clicked on. 

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E-mailing projects

The easiest, quickest and most cost effective way to get into touch with your target group is e-mail campaigns. But, to set up a good and successful campaign will take some good project management. Who do I target and what is the correct way to target? Direct targeting can be accepted at target group A, but target group C doesn’t accept this method. Also what is your message; selling, informing, connecting or inviting? All these kind of messages needs an other manner of communication and nurturing of your target group. Via the link below you find some different cases. There is also a link to get into touch with one of our specialists.

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Advertising projects

Basically advertising is to give more attention to your target group about your product or services, company or brand. The advertising possibilities are plenty; social advertising, directory advertising, link building or bannering. All these aspects are in the portfolio of RealTime Lead Group. The power of advertising is to target you target group directly and convert the visitor into a direct lead. Online advertising, database targeting and marketing automation are strong complementary services to convert a visitor into a lead and by the end of the day into a sale. At the link below you can read the success stories. Find out what the best solution for your strategy is.

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